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Brief bio of Rodney Thayer, Security Analyst

Canola & Jones provides consulting services in a variety of security-related fields. We have the following consulting practices:

  • Enterprise Network Security Practice
  • Vulnerability and Exploit Analysis Practice
  • Network Security Product Analysis Practice
  • Incident Response Practice
  • Cryptographic Engineering Practice
Enterprise Network Security Practice
We consult with enterprises in the private and public sector to advise them on issues of
standards compliance, network security policies and procedures, and technical auditing of
enterprise network security organizations and infrastructure.
Vulnerability and Exploit Analysis Practice
We consult with enterprises, vendors, and public sector agencies to provide technical
analysis of computer and network security vulnerabilities and the exploits that attackers
(hackers) use. We provide planning and operational assistance in handling network
attacks, network forensics (post-attack recovery) and provide advice on network security
defensive architectural enhancements.
Network Security Product Analysis Practice
We provide private product analysis and review services to network security product and
service vendors. We test products, including destructive security testing (network attack
testing), user interface analysis, implementation auditing, and independent feature and
performance testing.
Incident Response Practice
We provide investigative, incident response, and forensics services to organizations that
have experienced network security incidents. We can provide expertise in several specific
technical areas and coordinate or work with incident response teams.
Cryptographic Engineering Practice
We have experts on staff who have extensive background in building secure systems,
specifically in the area of Cryptography. We offer certificate, encryption, FIPS, and
other consulting services in this area.

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